Thursday, May 1, 2014

Filofax-ing, charity, yarn, nails and bling...

Hi friends,
In addtion to my daily Instagram (IG) posts, most every Monday, I try to post a Filofax weekly update on IG (I'm @scrapcollectr and I have 625 followers over there... hard to believe. :-) So this is that post for last week's goings on.
Last weekend I took a lot of my unused craft supplies to a local flea market and sold it all for $1 a piece (because that's the only way things move at flea markets) and earmarked the net sales for charity. Although I cleared $177 after the vendor fees, I promised my hubby that some of that would go to gas since it was a long way away. Even so, I was able to donate $150 to a new charity I just learned about. It can be found at They ask people to skip something and donate it to feeding the hungry. Check them out. 
I've recently become addicted to crochet. It started when I saw a Pinterest post about a really easy infinity scarf pattern. I made it and love it. It was super easy. Then I found out about a group found at They gather crocheted caps for people undergoing cancer treatment. They provide easy patterns provided by another group at So... I've finished my 6th cap. The website provides regional addresses to mail the finished caps to. Here's my latest one: a slouchy beanie modeled by my son's old tiger (I realize I need a mannequin head, going forward. Lol.) The monkey was made by me also. It's an amigurumi (knitted toy). It's the second one I've done and I don't think there will be many more because it requires a lot of patience but I do like this little guy. 
It's understandable now that crochet magazines and new yarns will follow. Picked up a few things at Joanns for future ideas. I broke down and went with the new nail color trend, too. Took a little getting used to but it's fun.
Lastly, I'm now even more of a fan of HSN. I bought this lovely Herkimer Quartz necklace from them in January and it chipped so I called up hoping they'd help out and they are taking it back no problem. I love companies with good customer service. 
Thanks for dropping by. I hope you're having a good week. Now I need to go organize my crafty stuff. I think they've been playing tag behind my back because they are scattered everywhere.