Friday, September 7, 2012

Speed Limit 65

Wow. Long time, no post. Sorry. Went off on vacation. Came back to a pile of mail and a pile of scrapbook goodies from my CKC trip to still deal with. Then, wanting to continue working on some scrapbooking that I started on the trip, I just wasn't making cards.

But my b-i-l's birthday is next week so I had to crank one out. He's facing a milestone that I just couldn't resist turning into a play on a traffic sign. I hand wrote the details on the sign out of sheer laziness but I like the look, as a result. At first I thought that I'd have to find numbers to fit within the sign but settled for larger ones and I like that outcome too. The Paper Loft patterned paper was sitting out, I have no idea why so it became part of the card. The sentiment is from Sentiment Sampler by Paper Smooches. Oh, and my dh looked at the card and said, "I like the grass." Uh, thanks dear, that come from a die. Lol.

Thanks for dropping in. I'm not worthy. (hee hee)

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Queen Lightwell said...

lol about your DH's son is always doing stuff like that to me, too. I'll slave over a card and he'll be like, "It's okay." Ugh! I like your idea to make a play on the age. :)