Sunday, January 27, 2013

Altered Brush Project

I had the pleasure of taking some mixed media classes with the one and only Donna Downey recently and it inspired me to work on and finish the altered brush project that I'd signed on for last summer. You can read about the project on the Donna Downey Studios website: go to her blog. I hope you choose to participate. She posts pictures of the ones she gets back, so there's your chance at being published. *smile*. I just mailed mine on Friday, so I'm hoping when she gets back from her world travels, she'll put it up on her blog.

When I ordered the paintbrush I knew what I wanted to do with it. I'm not sure if it qualifies as mixed media but it certainly was "altered" with paint, yarn and beads, so maybe? She's a hula girl. The bristles looked to me like a perfect grass skirt. Hula girls are stereotypically voluptuous so I went with it. She has a top cut from flowered fabric, I made her lei with beads and paper flowers and her hair was made with eyelash yarn and a tassel making tool. She even has a belly button and a word tattoo on her hip. It came together easily after the layers of gesso and tan and green paint, thanks to my trusty glue gun.

Hope you enjoyed the peek. So glad that is off my to do list!

Have a nice week!

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