Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Hi all,
We're spending the holiday with family in Texas. Looking forward to a big ol' BBQ and fireworks show tonight.
I just wanted to relay a couple of pics that I instagrammed the other day.
Backstory: I've starting taking a pile of journaling cards from Project Life kits with me when I travel. I figure that I might want to do a little journaling of pictures taken while away, while the memory is fresh. Then, I fret. But what if I want to combine my journaling on a big card? Do I really want a one picture/one journaling card approach? So I flounder. Then, while I was reading through various social media sites, I saw quotes that I liked and interesting passages from articles I was reading. And book suggestions. So, I decided that those lonely little cards that traveled with me here had a new purpose. I jot things down on them and figure that I will add them to a Project Life album here and there as another random decoration. I like that these notes won't be lost in the myriad of journals I buy for that purpose. They will be in albums that I expect to peruse from time to time.
So here they are. (I used cards from the Honey kit and Kraft kit, now available at Michael's and Hobby Lobby stores.)

If you're into Instagram or Vine, I post there under the pseudonym "scrapcollectr."
On Pinterest, you'll find me as "Cee Cee Wallach." I've got lots of interesting boards for crafters to follow there.
Thanks for dropping by.
I'll be relaying the same info over on The Crafting Journals blog. Stop in there from time to time. We try to inspire over there, too!
Happy 4th. Stay safe!

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