Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Never Ending Card technique

Hi Friends!
I love Instagram (IG). I'm posting over there at least once a day (my moniker is @scrapcollectr) but I'm realizing that if I want to say more, it's best to get this blog going again.

Like today. I pulled out a fun card that I made awhile back because it is so appropriate to use as a thank you for a recent giveaway I won. A souvenir box filled with items from Tokyo from the lovely @maybelleimasa over on IG.

What's fun about this is that it is a Never Ending Card. It flips over and over four times until it returns to the original image. Below my four photos, I'll give you a link to the tutorial over at Splitcoast Stampers, a wonderful free source for cardmakers. When you get to the tutorial, don't be overwhelmed by the step by step instructions. It's worth the effort.

So here are my photos. It was fun to cut the papers so that the flower image was still continuous. I've tried to track down the name of the stamp set that includes these lovely little geishas but I haven't yet. I'll keep you posted.

So now, give it a try. Here's the link. Have a great time. I'd love to see what you do with it!
Thanks for stopping by.... *smile*

Oh, and if you'd like to see it in action, I did a VINE post of it. My ID there is also Scrapcollectr.

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S said...

That is a seriously cool project. Love it - especially the colors.