Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cowls, cowls and more cowls

So, one of my other obsessive hobbies is crochet. I've tried knitting a few times and I have a hard time getting the yarn off one needle and on to the other. Lol. I will try again sometime but I always fall back on crochet because I find it easy and relaxing. I'm on a cowl kick right now. I made my mom a cowl this past holiday and she hinted that she'd love some in spring colors. I finished a pretty blue one using a pattern from the latest Love of Crochet magazine and just sent it off to her.

I then started this pumpkin colored one (I know, not a spring color but I thought it might work until spring comes.) Sadly, I realized too late that this isn't a one skein project so until I can get another one, I'll just have to start something yellow.

As it happens, I'm following a blog called FatMumSlim and she offers up weekly photo prompts. One of the recent ones was "something yellow." Perfect. I'm actually hoping to keep up with these prompts to fill a Project Life album this year using Becky Higgins new Project 52 kit. I've decided not to feel that each prompt has to be about something that day but could even relate to an older photo with an interesting story because I'd rather fill the book with stories as I'm reminded of them.

Thanks for visiting. I hope to do some daily crafty musings here from now on. Have yourself a crafty day!

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