Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One of four hobbies today

I flit between about four hobbies most of the time, unless you count posting to Instagram and eating, then that would be six. Lol. They are crocheting, card making, filofax decorating and project life. Today its recounting the recent crocheting but I do have a lot of cards to make this month and I have to catch up on my filofax for the past two weeks so they are definitely in the wings.

Just some quick pics of my latest crochet projects.

We were in Las Vegas last week and had a blast (the highlight was tweeting David Copperfield that I enjoyed his show and him, not only tweeting me back his thanks, but he wound up following me back! Lol)

Anyway, on the trip there and back I was able to finish one of my latest creations: a filet crochet scarf that spells out "Happy Birthday" followed by the recipient's name. I use a cross-stitch type alphabet that I've adjusted to fit my stitches. Here's the one I finished.

Then I sat and finished a yellow bulky cowl/scarf during Winter Storm Marcus (that didn't affect NJ much.)

Then I finished a Bernat Blanket yarn scarf in a Bobble Leaves pattern (from a Love of Crochet magazine) that's been a work-in-progress for a couple of months. I'm sending it to my sister in a package tomorrow with some other goodies and a card (that I'll make) that says "Happy Galentine's Day!" I hear that's the trend this year. Sending Valentine cards to your gal friends.

I got my latest KnitCrate beginners kit the other day and I'm looking forward to working with the 600 yards of 100% Alpaca that came in it.

Lastly, just shoot me, but I'm intrigued by a Mystery Afghan Knit & Crochet Along event that the Crochet Crowd (on Facebook) is running every Tuesday from yesterday through to April. Sounds fun. Michaels has a 30% off entire regular price purchase coupon today from 4pm to closing so I can pick up the yarn I need for this event at a discount.

Gotta get to those cards and filofax now. Hope you're having a crafty day and thanks for stopping by!

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Miriam Prantner said...

Totally impressed! I used to crochet a ton, but just don't have the time now!