Monday, July 26, 2010

Just a little frugal note...

Just when you thought I'd be through with this card template...sorry. I'm using it a lot lately because I'm trying to make a ton of cards in one shot to send to Operation Write Home for soldiers overseas. It's such an easy template but actually the nitty gritty is a little time consuming. Why? Because I stamped all the cups in white then again in patterns and had to cut them all out and adhere. Then, for some of the designs (not the Halloween one) I actually hunted down the words "caffeine" and "sugar" etc. in an old cookbook to put in the circle behind the cup. (I have a post of a card with that design a few days ago.) Anyway, it's been fun but I came up with Frugal tip# 13 (oooh, how halloween : use the leftover grid of adhesive when you've finished all the foam dots. I actually like cutting up the grid better because it covers more area when you're popping something up. Have a nice day!

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Oh My Gosh I love the birdcage card how fabulous, lots happening on your desk