Sunday, January 23, 2011

Four Things (an extra post)

So, Understand Blue enticed her readers to do a Four Things post. How can I resist a challenge, even if I am still working on a card for the Ippity blog hop tomorrow? Lol
Here goes...

Four shows that you watch
1. The Middle
2. Modern Family
3. The Closer
4. Men of a Certain Age

Four things you're passionate about
1. Creating art
2. Writing
3. Shopping for art supplies
4. Blog hopping

Four words/phrases you say a lot
1. Love you
2. Y'all
3. Right, right, right
4. Brush your teeth and gargle

Four things you learned from the past
1. Don't rush when you're pouring boiling spaghetti water into a colander (ouch)
2. Don't take your health for granted
3. Say "love you" to your kids all the time so they grow up to be adults that are comfortable saying it
4. Time really does fly, hold onto your babies a little more before they're suddenly grown up

Four places you'd like to go
1. New Zealand
2. Greece
3. Paris
4. Fiji

Four things you did yesterday
1. Went to a post holiday party with college friends
2. Weekend lunch out with dh
3. Sat in the back seat while ds#2 drove (new permit in hand, yikes!)
4. Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for Keurig k-cups

Four things you're looking forward to
1. a grandbaby one day
2. March 12th when I get to see ds#1 again
3. A de-cluttered house (dream on)
4. An organized studio (big dream on)

Four things you love about winter
1. Watching snow fall
2. Building and watching a fire (I'm from Texas, it'll never get old)
3. Being forced to stay inside and craft
4. Holiday lights everywhere

Tag. You're it.

Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr)


Jasley said...

I LIVE in NZ! Great choice ;)

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog via Lydia...great list LOL. My list of places to visit could have gone on forever...and one thing I should have added was to NEVER stop hugging your kids..even the boys at ages 13-about-19. People have actually asked me how we managed to have 30+ year old sons who hug and say I love You in our local coffee shop :-)

Lydia said...

right, right, right!!!!

I love your list, especially the serious ones :)

lynn said...

love this list, cindy:)

Poppit said...

What a fun card! Those folds make it something something special!!