Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kenny Chesney and Paying It Forward

Hi! Quick post because I should be packing for a trip.... gonna go see my family in Texas and it's perfect timing because we'll get to celebrate Father's Day with my dad and see our son who's staying at school to work this summer. I decided to give my dad the birthday card that I made and featured in THIS blog post. You gotta agree, it's pretty untraditional for a man's birthday! I tell him in the note that if he ever wanted a cat, he now has one. Lol.

Oh gee, what's that on my wrist? Yep, we saw Kenny Chesney in concert in Philly last night. I don't know how the man does it. He was the one jumping around the stage entertaining us to no end and I was just non-stop dancing and I was exhausted by the end.... I wonder how he felt! If you've never experienced him, try to.... he's wonderful. He's also a generous soul. He went on with a planned concert in Tuscaloosa after a devastating tornado at the urging of their mayor and then donated all the proceeds of the night to the city.

So now, the question is: would you spend $11 to donate scrapbooking supplies to the people of Joplin, MO? That's what it would cost you to send a Medium Flat Rate Priority USPS box to Nikki Sivils, a well-know and respected designer who's collecting supplies for the crafters of Joplin who lost everything. The link to her blog post that will give you the address where you can send a box is HERE. (Just click on the ad she has within the post.) She was hoping to get the donations to Joplin by the first week of July, so if you mail a box in the next few days of supplies that you can spare, she'll get them on time.

I hope you consider contributing to this worthy cause. We can all be Kenny Chesneys in our own way.


Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr)


Jen said...

Eeeek, Kenny is one of my fav's, I wish I was there! I'll have to go check out the link to Nikki Sivils...such a fabulous idea and I know I have to purge some of my items that I've never used! Thanks for the link!

Emily Leiphart said...

Have a great trip, Cindy!! I hope your dad has a good laugh over that Sparky strawberry card. ;D

lynn said...

have a safe, fun trip, cindy! thanks for the link on joplin, too!

Lydia said...

So glad you posted this - I will send a box!!!

xxoo so good to meet you and get to spend some time with you :) Move here!