Thursday, August 11, 2011

An award, thanks!

Recently, I received a surprise comment from Dotty, whose lovely blog is Dotty A Cards & Things (check it out). She told me that she had an award for me on her blog (thanks, Dotty!) and this is what I found when I visited:

There are a few rules with receiving this award and here they are:
  • Link back to the person giving it to you
  • Share it with 7 recently discovered blogs
  • Tell 7 random things about yourself.
Here are 7 blog sites to visit:
Understand Blue (love her projects and reflections on everyday life)
Millers Ink (gorgeous cards and a studio I envy!)
Robinsons Nest (love her cards and she's an Ippity Chick)
Stamping Mathilda (love her style)
Creatief Blog Van de Week (use Google translate because her projects are super!)
Papir Diva (lovely layouts and photos)
Campfire Chic Blog (just joined her 30 Days of Lists event)

And the 7 random things about myself..... will lets see......
  1. My moniker is Scrapcollectr because, sometimes, paper scraps are just too pretty to throw away.
  2. I collect journals and sketchbooks which is good because now I can consider them "Smashbook" inventory.
  3. I just started playing tennis again and I've become a fanatic. Now I understand my dh's love of golf. 
  4. I'm originally from Texas but my East Coast-raised dh turned me on to country music.
  5. I love Scrabble but I had to wean myself off of the online version... too addicting.
  6. I recently discovered Twitter and I'm not sure how I have 47 followers already.
  7. I believe that dancing + singing + crafting = happiness and should be done everyday.
If you won this award from me, please copy and paste and share the love! If not, just enjoy the links above and thanks for visiting... *smile*

Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr)


lynn said...

i did not know you are a former scrabble junkie!:) thanks so much for the award, cindy!

DottyA Cards & Things said...

I am so glad your enjoying your award!!!!! Loved reading your 7 random things... Got to try making one of these new Smashbooks... they look like a lot of FUN!!! Now I'm off to check the 7 blog sites you picked....!!!!!
Keep on keepin them scraps!!!

NoraAnne said...

Thanks for the award Cindy! I will pass it along and join in the fun of the questions soon :) Oh, how I love Scrabble, it was my mom's favorite game, how I wish I had the chance to play more with her! and of course I love scraps of paper and journals aka Smash books and lists and Twilight and crafting and etc. etc. etc.!!! all fun stuff :)

Godelieve said...

Thank you!
Love your blog name :)

MamaLu said...

Congrats! You should be proud, something I have yet to do, win an award. Thanks for sharing the great 7 sites!