Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WOYWW and a home card

Hi! Wednesday again? Almost the end of a Weds for alot of you. :-)

This is an unusual post. On Monday, I posted a card I made for a couple of challenges but something about it bothered me. It needed something. So I added a little embellishing and inserted the edited photo so, the new card is on the old post. But my workspace today reflects the work done to edit yesterday's....well, you see what I mean about unusual. But valid. Hope you like it.

The second shot is a close up that goes along with my two frugal tips today.

Frugal tip #24: Use old keys. I've found old keys floating around in my junk drawer. After making sure they aren't for something we still use, I use them for crafting. Unfortunately I've never found a good old skeleton key in the drawer so if I really want one of those, I may have to go to Mr. Tim Holtz for it! Lol

Frugal tip #25: Find another use for a given punch. I really wanted a certain size of heart for the key chain on my card but didn't have it. So I used a 5 petal flower punch instead and just cut off two petals in the form of a heart (with the word "heart" in the center of course!)


Sheila said...

Great tips. I'll have to rememberthe punch one.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

I like the idea of the keys! It added some pop to the card you made. I'll keep a look out for keys with no use!! Patsy from

Spyder said...

Another interesting snoop! Love your moving/new home card and a great idea to add the keys! I've saved a few of these over time, now I have an idea on how to use them, when the time comes! and thank you for following!

Lynne in NI said...

Oooh what a fab desk - so many goodies. Love your new home card, great idea to use old keys as an embellie!

Claireliz said...

Lovely card :0)

Daniele said...

great work area

Heather x said...

Love your frugal tips hun and that card is wonderful :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Lizzybobs said...

sorry I am late this week thanks for sharing your fab space - loving your desk thanks for my snoop :o)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Another frugal tip is if you don't have any old keys, you can go places where they cut keys and ask if they have the off cuts. Oftentimes they just pitch these and they'll be glad to save them for you. Love your tips, though as well as your card.

You have quite the craft space and lots of supplies. Hope to see more one of these day.

Sid said...

Love the keys !!

Minxy said...

Cool desk, and fab tips.. i love an old rusty key me