Friday, January 13, 2012


Ds#2 (my baby) is turning 17 in a couple of days. *sniff* Has that got me teary-eyed or the fact that it is concurrent with him driving off to school on his own if the driving test goes according to plan? (Yikes.) I'm going to miss those long car rides to and from school. We had some good talks and laughs. I guess I can always look forward to the nasty winter mornings when I've explained that I will accompany him to school until he's more experienced. Yes, there's always that.

I went back to my favorite tri-shutter card technique for his birthday card. A car had to be featured. And I wanted to rub in the fact that he's getting up there in age, so I used the "old man" comment. And to emphasize that he should enjoy this new journey toward adulthood, I used a nice vintage world map from Tim Holtz' Idea-ology stack and his Journey stamps. (The upside down (lol) banner and "happy birthday" are by Lawn Fawn.)

Hug your babies, ladies and gents, cuz they grow up way too fast.

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Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, don't I know it! Mine are 23 (almost 24!) and 25. All growed up.

Gosh, I love these cards. Maybe I'll break down and try one this weekend. :)

Pradeepa said...

I absolutely agree with you in the last line. Our babies do grow up very fast. You card is fabulous and my birthday wishes to your baby.

Wanda G (stampcat) said...

This is FANTASTIC! Great inspiration!

lynn said...

you made him an awesome card, cindy! they do grow so fast, don't they? wait till he goes off to college or just moves out---that was a killer for me:)