Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding cake for an anniversary....

The next wedding I'm attending isn't for a few months and after that there may be a little drought where weddings are concerned so when I received my recent monthly sets of Paper Smooches stamps, I knew I'd have to think of other uses for their Hubby and Wifey set.

It wasn't a real stretch to use the wedding cake and those adorable birdies and flowers to make an anniversary card for my hubby. It took real willpower not to get too frilly with the card so I tamped it down a little with cooking twine... Lol. I found it at a housewares store and it keeps the card from being too "girly". I struggled a little with the whiteness of the area around the image so I inked the outer edges with a little soft brown ink. The papers are from K&Co's Que Sera Sera stack. I knew I'd find the sentiment amongst my other sets and, lo and behold, there it was in Good Gab.

I bought a long-stemmed chocolate rose covered in red foil and will put it and the card by his keys so that he sees it before heading out for the day tomorrow. After 32 years, he expects a handmade card (since I make so many) but the rose.... now that ought to be a surprise. *smile*

I hope you have a pleasant surprise today....


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Cindy,

What a great card! I like the twine. As you say, not as girly as ribbon but it does add a lot to the card.

I'm sure your hubby will love it - and maybe he'll share the chocolate rose?!?


PS Happy Anniversary!

Leslie Hanna said...

Adorable ... er, handsome card! I'll bet he loved it. :)