Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A holiday easel card

Gosh, I'm sorry that I've kept you waiting since my teaser on Sunday! I did have this card idea that I wanted to do but the rest of the holiday weekend got busy. (Yeah, like my dh and I just had to watch The Office marathon! Hee hee.) Anyway, here we are. I seem to be drawn to cards that require dissecting. I like figuring out all the component sizes kinda like someone who takes a watch apart to see how it's made. There was alot of that but I like how it came out. (I wish you could see the softness of the blue that I daubed around the image and the hematite heart growing from the tree.) The inside of the card has the holiday greeting. Now I just have to get psyched to mass produce it for the holidays. Lol.

Card specifics can be found on my SCS gallery but I can tell you this cool stamp is called "Grow Yourself Extraordinary" by Unity.

Happy Tuesday!

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Wendy ten Hove said...

Love the paper with the crosses here! The combination with gold accents is lovely and the beautiful paper, embossed. I like it!