Sunday, September 5, 2010

A windy day...

DH really wanted to go to the beach this weekend so we came out to Long Island to visit my in-laws yesterday. Yes, the same Long Island that Hurricane Earl just departed. Their part of the island got no rain from the storm at all but the day at the beach yesterday was so windy you knew Earl was still nearby. A beautiful sunny cloudless day but probably 25 mph winds. We sat on the beach for about 10 minutes until the sand hitting us felt like needles, not to mention what it was doing to our hair, mine in particular. I've told my boys the story of how a cousin once nicknamed me Medusa because of my then long mane of curly hair and it comes back to bite me every now and then. Like now. Ds takes one look at my sand-crusted wind-blown do and says, "You know, you do look like Medusa." Nice. This is the same ds that took a picture of a Medusa sculpture at a museum in Texas and ran over to me to tell me, then too, that there was a striking resemblance.

Such a loving child.

Anyway, back to yesterday, we wound up moving into a sheltered cabana area. No view of the churned up (but majestic) ocean but surprisingly nice enough to spend a few hours chawing with some friends. I'm glad we went.

Now today we'll head back home (to avoid the inevitable traffic jam) and I'm soooo looking forward to getting to my crafting desk. I have a gnat of an idea buzzing around in my brain that I just have to get into card form. So check back tonight, I hope to be posting it later.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Wendy ten Hove said...

Oef, good thing you weren't there earlier! Can imagine that will be veeery windy!! Well, never was in one, so maybe can't imagine... Ha ha, I also always think of things when I can't make them! And then you can't wait to make them! Curious what you will come up with!

Love, Wendy