Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Days of Lists - Days 4 through 7

I'm going back on my word, aren't I? I said I wasn't going to share them all but I can't help it. I want to share. I didn't realize that.

Day 4:


Day 6:

Day 7:

I now have 5 days of lists before I catch up. Let's see if I can close the distance sooner than in the past. Tomorrow is What's on Tap Tuesday. I hope to have something more than a photo of my messy desk to share. You'll just have to come back and find out, won't you? Oh, and since I'm giving you fair notice, why not make your blog post tomorrow about your creative space? There are a few of us that like to link in and go around and visit.

Til then, have a great Monday!

Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr)


NoraAnne said...

You are doing such a fabulous job with this project! I love all of your pages!!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ay ay Ay I like these so much - amazing that you can make time to do them! That sharing thing - you gotta - it's who you are! I disagree with some of the things in your Day 7 list, (photography, and I can't believe mingling!), but I see some of my own in there!

lynn said...

this is amazing, cindy! i esp love the i'm not good at page:)