Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 8 in the 30 Days of Lists

Today I accompanied our Spanish exchange student and his group on a field trip to the Grounds for Sculptures in Hamilton, NJ and then went on to moderate their tour of Princeton's campus. (You can take a wonderful virtual tour of Princeton using this LINK. Don't miss all the great trivia at the bottom of each page.) I got treated to a nice lunch with them in town.... I work cheap. Lol. So, this will be short and sweet because I'm a wee bit tired from my 14,000+ steps today (I use a pedometer daily because I'm trying for the recommended 10,000 steps a day toward good health.) I can't wait to go back to see more of the 270+ sculptures and have lunch in their lovely restaurant..... and Princeton.... well, it's my alma mater and I just love any visit I make there. Enough said.

Here is Day 8. I've got major catching up to do. But I'm happy with how the pages are turning out. There's one explanation needed for this page. When I say that "Toasters like Tina's" remind me of my youth, I'm referring to a story I tell my ds that cracks him up to no end. You see, I had a simple childhood. In the summer, I'd head over to my friend's house to play. I remember how immaculate her mother kept the house and the kitchen in particular. When we wanted to have a snack, we'd go into that sparkling kitchen and make toast in her shiny toaster. My family didn't have a toaster so it was a novelty to me. We'd just sit and watch it toast and pop. The sudden pop always made us giggle. The thought of that warm toasted bread with butter still gives me the warm fuzzies. I can't tell you how excited I was when, one day, my mom came home with our very own toaster. It was even more impressive because it had 4 slots! I thought we'd won the lottery... Lol.

So, check it out. The things that remind me of my youth. So fun.

Have a great Thursday. Hopefully, I'll have a Friends with Flair card to post tomorrow. *smile*

Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr)
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Especially_For_You said...

This was such a cute idea, I love it! Thanks for the inspiration, I'm also your newest follower. :)

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NoraAnne said...

ANOTHER great page in your list book! We have a lot of the same childhood memories, oh how life was so much simpler back then!