Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Card - Version 1, maybe

I usually have an idea for a card and just go with it.... wouldn't cha know that glitter throws a wrench in it? I bought my supplies long ago. I was going to use Stampin Up's treat cups to turn my Sweet Snowglobe SU stamp into... well... a snowglobe with glitter in it.

Let me tell you about me and glitter. Glitter wants to lounge, it wants to linger, it wants to savor.... I want the card done.... now. So I glittered up my image with my favorite tool of the 21st century (Sakura's pinpoint Quickie Glue pen) and I figured that the glitter I placed on it just before I glued the sweet treat cup on would just be good snowglobe glitter. Funny things happen when you assume you can just permanently glue something shut. I turned my new snowglobe up and, yes, the glitter made my little glued up scene quite pretty but some of that wet glue must have dislodged itself and reattached to the inside of the sweet treat cup.... unsightly, to an obsessive compulsive card maker like myself. Heaven forbid that I take responsibility for not waiting for the glue inside to dry. That card got pushed aside while I made a different plan. I consoled myself with the fact that if I didn't use the sweet treat cups and made the card a little flatter, I wouldn't have to spend more $$$ to ship it in a special mailer. (Yeah, justify it to yourself...)

Back to the drawing board. Let's see.... what could make it look like a snowglobe but without the bulk? Eureka! Single-sided laminating sheets that have been cut into circles the size of the snowglobe! This time, I glued and glittered my image and let it sit overnight (I could just imagine the result of smushing that wet glitter with a see-through sticker... not pretty.) I punched out the snowglobe image with a 1-3/4 circle punch, then used a Nestabilities circle die on the laminating sheet (I may try a slightly smaller size than Exhibit A above) and stuck it to my image. *Happiness*.... popped it up with foam dots, added a few other layers of die cut and embossed mats, a few little folding tricks and the easel card was ready for a computer generated sentiment and a family photo. (More deets in my SCS Gallery.)

My supply of sweet treat cups are making sad faces at me.....I may give them another chance....we'll see...

Gotta go make a card for Unity's Friends With Flair blog hop tomorrow.... I hope you stop by!

Oh, and Frugal tip #41: when making a batch of cards that require glittering, get 3-4 images glued up and ready for the glitter so that when it's poured over your first card, you can then just use that card to pour it over the next card and so forth. A little less waste that way. *smile*

Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr)


Pam said... looks great! And what a handsome family. Your glitter fun reminds me of a recent Queen Julia post - did you read it?

Stay warm.

Helen said...

Love how it came out - even if it was second time round! Glitter does like to get everywhere, doesn't it! (and as you see, I tore myself away from Tim's tags!)

Carrie said...

Gotta luv glitter....makes life so much more fun....especially when you are picking it out of you hair for a week afterwards. Love the card, it is very special xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh this turned out to be a fab card - and a great resolve...never mind minor glitter worries, am so impressed that you worked out the laminate/sweet cups thing withut foot stamping and throwing dollies out of the pram! Love your family photo too, how lovely.
And I kid you not - word verification is 'cards'!!

jude said...

This has turned out absolutely beautiful!So pleased i popped back.As for glitter sounds like you and me both have same
hugs judex

lynn said...

this is lovely, cindy! love reading your post--glitter and i don't get along at all:)

Paula Gale said...

Cindy - its sounds like an ordeal that i usually get myself into for the sake of a single card that takes a totally different path than the one I started on.

Love the glitter tip - thanks for that - a very sensible idea for us chaotic crafters LOL

Lovely card in the end and the recipient will never know what you had to go through!!! It turned out great and thats what matters.


Paula x x x

Jennifer said...


I love your Christmas card!!! :) And you really are ahead of the game! I have little-ish ones (6 & 7), so just choosing a picture can take days!

How many are you making? I have to try to keep my design simple, because I usually send just over 100 (about 110+).

Thanks for sharing,


Lionelsa said...

Great card and very original idea!