Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lil Bunny and the Wreath

I thought I'd contribute another scene to the Unity Addicts Challenge #29 (fussy cutting).  This time it's Lil Bunny that's providing the entertainment. With Easter still some time away, he's got nothing to do, so he's messin' with the wreath again. *smile*

This scene came together as a result of my not wanting to throw away the straight pins that came with dh's new shirts....he bought them last week and I've been having a staring contest with the bag they were in because I dread removing all those pins and then what to do with them? Throw them away? I figured if I used a red Copic marker to paint them, they could pass for berries on a wreath image. Never again. They were fun to put in the wreath image (Unity July '10 KOTM) but then I had to cut them down so they'd lie flat and then they really don't show up on the photo too well. But, you know what? They were the catalyst for a card that I love now. So all's well that ends well. (More deets in my SCS Gallery.)

So Frugal tip #42: Before you throw away packaging, let your imagination soar! The pins, in this case were challenging, but I also now have plastic bags to store my stamps in, plastic inserts that can be stamped on instead of acetate and the cutest little cotton banners that say "Easy Care" on them. (Yeah, I'm certifiably insane... *smile*)

Hope you have a snuggly-as-a-bunny day today....

I'll be back tomorrow with a post for the Ippity blog hop.  See ya then!


Carrie said...

Well done you on turning packaging into such a marvellous card. Yesterday I found myself cutting off all the ribbon-thingys that are in my clothes which I think are meant to make hanging them up easier.....I figured that they will be way more useful for crafting than on the clothes......although I do now have a collection of jumpers on the cupboard floor that won't stay on the hangers.....the lengths I will go to for my card making ;)

I love rading your blog as it reminds me of all the fab things that can be done with scrap things.....very inspiring.


lynn said...

i reuse stuff all of the time, but this is something i've never thought to do!-tfs:)